Learn American Sign Language From The Comfort Of Your Home

American Sign Language is the language that deaf communities use to communicate. If you work with someone who is hearing impaired, learning sign language will help you effectively communicate with your coworker. 

Learn What To Expect

An online course provides interactive lessons that you can participate in when it is convenient for you. You can use your phone, laptop, or computer to access the course from the comfort of your home. A flexible course may also offer short lessons that you can participate in while you are taking a break at work.

An online course allows a student to learn at the pace that they wish. There are no deadlines to meet. A student can review each lesson as much as they wish. By practicing the same sign language skills each day, the hand movements will become familiar to a student.

Review Comprehensive Sign Language Courses

Review some online courses. Look for one that provides video instructions, as well as diagrams. Video instructions will feature instructors who are experienced at signing. Each instructor will verbalize what they are signing. Diagrams will feature pictorials of various hand configurations. The words that correlate to the pictures will be displayed alongside the pictures. An online course may feature quizzes and tests that you can take at the end of each lesson.

Practice Signing In Front Of A Mirror

After you sign up for a course, dedicate some time each day to learning sign language. Sign language requires a lot of memorization. Use a mirror to help you practice signing. Once you have participated in several sign language lessons, stand in front of a mirror.

Practice signing each word that you have learned. Observing yourself in the mirror can help you improve your posture or your hand movements. The reflection that you see will be how your hearing-impaired coworker will perceive you when you attempt to communicate with them. 

Use A Sign Language Dictionary

Having access to a sign language dictionary will help you improve upon the skills that you learn through an introductory course. Explore some websites that feature free online dictionaries.

If you would like to have a physical copy of a dictionary at your disposal, borrow an American Sign Language dictionary from your local library. Bring the dictionary with you when you are going to attempt to communicate with your co-worker. If you struggle to convey a message to your co-worker, use the dictionary to guide you in signing the words that you are trying to communicate.

Contact an organization like Wierman Study Center to learn more. 

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